Back In Action – Website Content Management + Business Photos

Back In Action – Website Content Management + Business Photos

When we contracted the design of Back In Action’s new website last year, we were excited because they were our first project which had come as a direct result of a search engine conversion. Most of our website design comes from word of mouth – satisfied customers referring us to other people they know. We were pleased that the owner of Back In Action, Kristal Nelson, was that impressed with our work that she trusted us to handle their first venture into the internet world with their business. They opted to go with a custom content management system that will allow them to make updates to their site and blog about things that are going on in the clinic or what various team members are doing.

Their new site is now live, so we invite you to click here and take a look at it. They handle aspects of physical therapy for people of all ages, including many local athletes from Fuquay Varina and surrounding communities. Since they wanted their site to be customized to them and more personal, they hired us to come in for two photoshoots to capture them in action with their therapy patients, as well as shooting staff photos for the website. This is a really smart idea when planning your website to give it that personal touch. Stock photos can be useful, but nothing beats professional stock photos for your site that show you in the picture.

The photo above is one of our favorites, and really shows what a fun-loving group of people you can expect to work with if you utilize their services. We asked everyone to make a silly face for a fun picture, and the girls were like “huh?” and the guys were like “yeah!”.

We had fun working with all of you and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future! Best wishes on your new website!

Brent Deitrich

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